Television And Its Impact On Society

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Since the moment certain technology has been introduced to us, more specifically, TV, it has been the main means of distraction that we use constantly. For years, we have been mindlessly watching TV for no real reason, other than for passing time or distracting ourselves from more pressing matters. Our society has been greatly influenced by the presence of television and how we see ourselves, it has also informed us of what the “norms of society” really are. Television has given us information on pop culture and many of today’s famous TV shows and celebrities. The impacts of television, and whether it is positive or negative have been debated for years, and it has still not come to a conclusive answer. Although many think that television has no impact on an individual, or they are so slight that they should not even be taken into account, it is undeniable; television, does have an impact on us and the way we see ourselves and everyone else in our society, no matter how small. David Sedaris’s short story “Us and Them,” shows the effects of television on the individual’s views of themselves and others due to their dependence of TV, by the use of plot, point of view, and characters. The narrator’s views of the Tomkey family shows us the extent that TV influences our perceptions of ourselves and others. The narrator believes that those who own and watch television are normal and therefore socially acceptable, whereas those who do not, are more of a subspecies. When describing
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