Television And Its Lasting Effects

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Alexa Sperling
Patrick Belanger
Communication Ethics, Section 5
7 May 2015
Television and Its Lasting Effects
Think back to the television you used to watch as a child. Many of you may think of harmless, funny cartoons or maybe family television shows that had a life lesson or message at the end. Television has changed a significant amount over the years and some would describe the era we’re in now, as “The Era of Reality Television”. It seems that our generation seems to enjoy getting the inside look on the dramatic lives of others, rather than worrying about our own lives. Also a fairly new concept that has risen during our generation, is watching television programs that give health advice. No longer do some go to the doctor’s office for answers, because now there doctors on television that claim to have all of the answers to our many heath questions. What if told you that our love for reality television may have a negative effect on our health; and the television doctors that claim to have all the answers, may not actually be as wise as we thought?
The television has become such an integral part of homes in the modern world that it is hard to imagine life without television. The television provides entertainment for people of all ages. Household ownership of television sets in the country is at 96.7%, and the majority of households have more than one set ( The average American watches over five hours of television daily. The invention of the…
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