Television And Reading: The Benefits Of Watching Television

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In today’s hustle and bustle, people crave for escape from reality. Watching television and reading books gives them this escape they long for. Whereas, sitting in front of this square box every day brings normality to a middle-class home while reading makes them feel pretentious. When asked, a majority of both, adults and children said that they do not have the time or they have more ‘interesting’ things to do instead of reading. Books were the world’s only means of giving information and knowledge until John Logie Beird, a Scottish inventor gave birth to television in 1925. What most individuals don’t know is that watching television only provides momentary benefits to a person while reading books offer much more in the long run. Watching television has become a kind of compulsion for its viewers nowadays. Reading enhances our cognitive senses, instills patience and discipline in us, improves our knowledge beyond the reach of television and also helps in reducing stress which decreases the chances of becoming obese, whilst…show more content…
Patience and discipline, better grammar and comprehensive skills, longer attention span, lower stress levels and lesser chances for obesity, all these things are the favorable outcomes of reading books. Therefore, they should be encouraged to read instead of finding happiness from an electronic box. In my opinion, we don’t need television at all as it barely has any benefits, but has a whole lot of irreversible disadvantages. As a mother, father, sister, brother or even just a friend, you would now see why discouraging others to watch television is the best way to encourage reading with all of its rewards for the present as well as the future. This is the only way we will improve ourselves and others. Above all, start from yourself. Just 20 minutes of individual reading every day can boost your interest and make you an avid
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