Television And The American Public

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News and information create many multi-billions dollar businesses; in fact, Forbes estimated that Fox brand is worth $11.2 billion dollar. It also reported that Fox has an average of prime-time viewers of 1.83 million which is more than CNN, MSNBC, and other news agencies combined. (The World’s, n.d.) Fox often appears to cater to the conservative Americans while CNN and MSNBC seem to be more appealing to the moderate and liberal ones. The American public is so polarized today that it generates the idea that if you are truly a conservative, you should only watch Fox since both CNN and MSNBC are labelled as left-wing brands. Meanwhile for the liberal Americans, CNN and MSNBC seem to be the main sources of information since Fox is deemed biased, judgmental, and not sensitive enough on the left-wing issues. The polarization of the American public has played an important role in labelling each news agency. In return, each news agency offer biased and opinionated perspectives on most important issues – sometime without facts, just to please and reach its target audiences. One of the most prominent issues as of late is the fact that the United States had just shipped $400 million dollars, in cash to the Iranian government earlier this August. (Labott, Gaouette, & Liptak, 2016) The event had launched a public outcry and the Obama Administration was seen as weak and incompetent as a result. While numerous news agencies offered their versions and contrasting perspectives to steer the
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