Television As A Dominant Theme On Mass Sitcoms

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“Friends” is an American television sitcom, which was remembered as one of the most in the television history. It marked a change in American culture and also stood out that a culture where the image of youth has become dominant. The prior sitcoms were aiming to focus on the live of nuclear families that father and mother were the center and knew the best, which represented the generation of Baby Boomer. In contrast, “Friends” centered on the characters’ own lives with angst, ambition, fluid notion of family, and youth culture. It was considered a dominant theme on mass sitcoms, which reflected a mainstream trend in the society. A generation X represented that the young people would not be better of than its parents.
As society developed rapidly, mass media became integrated into the American household. Television was the most significant invention in the 1950s, sharping American political life and creating a new advertising method of advertising (Out of Many p.725). Television became a crucial tool for advertising presidential candidates. The 1960 election campaign featured the first-ever televised presidential debates between John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. There were about eighty-five million audiences who watched these debates, demonstrating the sweeping influence of television. In the 1950s, only about nine percent of Americans had a television. However, approximately 90 percent of American households owned a television. The presence of a television in almost
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