Television Commercials Designed for the Female Audience Essay

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Television Commercials Designed for the Female Audience The television commercial is perhaps the most effective means of product marketing and advertisement. Television is present in 99% of American households, and it stays turned on an average of seven hours per day. ( The television audience is a varied, widespread audience, ensuring manufacturers that their products' advertisements are reaching all possible customers. Obviously, not all products are produced for all consumers. Market analysts and advertisers must find advertising techniques that can be used in commercials for certain target customers and use those commercials to directly affect the ideal customer for the product. Gender, social, and…show more content…
As professional research journals and articles were not found, my research is based on "television facts" from the Internet and pure analytical observation and comparison of present-day television commercials. The age group considered "child" was five to twelve years. Commercials in this group advertised products aimed at children to include cereals, dolls, and toys, as well as products aimed at women, such as laundry detergent, using girls for advertisers. I did find a basic format of the child's commercial, even though the actors and products varied greatly. I found camera action to be slow and fluent. Very few jump cuts and quick zooms were used; instead, individual shots slid from scene to scene very fluidly. The camera would focus on the children, giving equal coverage to each child and each product. This type of action gave the viewer time to clearly see the product, as well as the actress using it. The child actresses had similarities in almost every commercial. Most notably, they were all female, appearing to be between the ages of six and eight, no matter what toy was being advertised. The girls were outfitted in pinks, blues, yellows, and greens of all shades, but mostly light pastels. Dresses and overalls were prominent as were bows, ponytails, curly blonde hair, petite bodies, and smiles. Many toothy smiles crossed

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