Television Has Portrayed A Great Deal Of Stereotypical Behavior

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In many ways, television has portrayed a great deal of stereotypical behavior, and is distorted because it does not seem to represent the diversity or culture of certain ethnic groups, for example, Black, Hispanic, Arab, and Muslim communities etc. In my outlook, I feel that the objective of most of these television shows/media is to target certain subcultures for the reason of it being understood as amusing or entertaining, but in turn it evokes other raciest humor. At time, I do find it extremely difficult to watch television, not only is it down grading it clearly shows a misunderstanding of those communities I mentioned, but in general the misperception of Black people over all. The most frustrating and irrational thing about all of…show more content…
There’s racial profiling, ethnic humor, and most of all discrimination against the minorities. “Orange Is the New Black” is based on a book about Piper Chapman, a woman in her thirties who is sent to prison for fifteen months after being found guilty of a crime she commented years before with her girlfriend. This show is based on the experiences she had while in prison. The setting of the story is in a minimum security prison for women. The story obviously revolves around Piper chapman who is a well educated White woman who grew up in an upper middle class family. When she arrives in the prison she is reunited with her ex-girlfriend. The show displays how the structural racism of prison mirrors our larger social fabric, for example, education level, wealth or even our religious value. A few of the characters in the Orange is the New Black series are inspired by women that Piper encountered while in prison. There was a prisoner named Pennsatucky who was “feisty,” and there was a nun who’d been imprisoned for peaceful protesting, and a mother and daughter, who where Hispanic, were locked up together (Chapman). Although, this story is about a young White woman, from time to time we do get to hear more intriguing stories about the other women in the this prison. It gives the characters a chance to show that even thought they landed in prison for what ever crime they’ve
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