Television Impact On Society

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Impact of Television It wasn’t until the 1960s that the television became an everyday commodity in society. To go along with the already popular dramas and comedies, tv became a major outlet for news as CBS evening news and 60 minutes debuted (Herman). Sports broadcasting also made huge strides during the early 1960s as Wide World of Sports aired on ABC, instant replay became a standard in sports broadcasting, CBS and NBC both broadcasted Super Bowl one in color (Herman). As television gained popularity the range of the topics presented on television shows went to more controversial and relevant topics in hopes to relate with the typical viewer. The subjects of the television shows for the most part have stayed the same over the past 40 years, but some have gotten more exposure than others due to the state of our nation. Racism, anti-gay rights, rich vs poor, and women’s rights are such topics portrayed through television shows. Racism has been existent since the birth of our country and although we have taken steps toward fixing the problem, it is still very prevalent today. Over the past decade there have many violent attacks against minority groups in the United States. The majority of people believe these are conducted by the extremists which may be true, but since Donald Trump began his campaign for candidacy for POTUS more and more white supremacists have surfaced. In return, this has created a bigger divide in our nation regarding racial equality. The racism
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