Television: Is It the Worst or Greatest Invention? Essay

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The twenty-first century has become the key to a massive increase in new technological advances. As a result of all of these advances, the newest generations have unconsciously become the main target to such technological improvements. Almost every household has at least one television in it, which is used to connect household members to the rest of today's world. Television can be seen as a mean of being able to stay up to date, and in the case of parents, to be within range of educational programs for their children. Television is seen as something good or evil depending on the people and circumstances. Some parents consider television to be one of the worse technological inventions of all times, while others find it to be one of…show more content…
Usually this behavior occurs as a way of trying to keep the children calm and in control without thinking about how in the long run this can harm and affect them. Several studies have shown that spending too much time in front of a television has a lot of consequences for both children and adults that can affect their health and behavior. Spending too much time in front of a television has shown to produce different consequences and influences in children such as attention problems, sleeping difficulty, nightmares, problems in socializing, alteration of bed schedule, meals and has also been known for making children imitate and look up to the wrong role models. The problems caused by watching too much television at first are easy to go unnoticed which make it harder to be addressed and solve at an early stage and we need to learn to address this problems and fix them immediately. A lot of the television shows being promoted to younger children have more violence now than in the previous years and this is the new normal for many shows. Today's broadcasts are full of violence, fights, drugs,cursing,sex, money, materialism and gender ideals that are not realistic and only sets children's expectations of the world out of balance.

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