Television Is The Middle Of The Road, And Abc

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I don’t get much of an opportunity to watch the national news on the television (and never on cable); but when I do, it’s fairly easy to pick out which political slant each network is depicting. It appears to me, and this is my opinion, that ABC, NBC and CNN lean pretty far left, CBS is more the middle of the road, and FOX and its affiliates lean (fall over) to the right. I would guess that, based upon my readings of other people’s opinions of those broadcasters, that that is the general consensus of the public. That being said, I do read more than I watch TV, and sometimes it is just painfully obvious which way a particular news website or newspaper slants their reporting. For example, I think one of the better newspapers as far as equal coverage of both the left and right is USA Today. They do an excellent job of presenting both sides of most arguments, and offer opinions that really make me angry sometimes, and some that I couldn’t agree with more. I think that’s the definition of “balance” in the media, and I enjoy it the most. There are others, however, that I read that pander to a specific political group; for example, the Kansas City Star. It never fails that the KC Star virtually attacks the right wing of the Republican party. They seem, to me, to be so impartial, that it takes away a great amount of their credibility; and I lean left! Most of the news I get is via the internet; I have a selection of various websites that I visit daily, and others that I follow on
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