Television Programming : Public Broadcasting Station ( Pbs )

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There are many people in this country who find it hard to believe that there was a time before cable television. They cannot begin to fathom the idea that people did not have hundreds of channels to select from and instead were limited to having only four networks at their disposal. Such individuals do not appreciate the angst that children experienced when a major news event occurred and their already paltry viewing choices were preempted because the President of the United States felt the need to speak to the nation. However, in the vast wasteland of limited television programming, there was one show, a 30 minute program on the local Public Broadcasting Station (PBS) that was a forerunner of a genre of entertainment today: it was called This Old House. As a precursor of today’s home repair and renovation programming, This Old House dealt with the concept of a homeowner wanting improvements done to his dwelling. The host of the show would meet with the owner, discuss the details of the plan, and then the remainder of the season would follow the journey through which the house got renovated. Now, before any work could actually begin, the host would meet with the crew and inspect the most important aspect of the structure: the foundation. According to the online Cambridge dictionary, a foundation is “the base that is built below the surface of the ground to support a building”, thereby making it the most critical aspect of the structure being built. Every contractor

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