Television Series Named Breaking Bad

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In 2008, AMC showcased a hit television series named Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad follows a protagonist Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher (who lives with his wife, Skyler and their teenage son who has cerebral palsy) who is diagnosed with inoperable cancer, and turns to manufacturing and selling methamphetamine in order to secure his family’s future (Breaking Bad). Although on the surface Walter White is depicted as a good guy turned bad, in actuality the character is truly embracing his deviant subconscious self. Walter White can reasonably be deemed as an immoral character due to the fact that his criminal behavior was instinctual, he continuously justifies his decisions, and he displays an insatiable desire to commit unlawful acts.

In the beginning, it is fairly certain that he starts manufacturing and selling methamphetamine to secure his family’s long term financial security. But as his work progresses, his infamy grows. The pseudonym Heisenberg he picks for himself slowly begins to take on a life of its own. Unlike Walter, Heisenberg is self-assured and confident. He is able to hold his own against aggressive and psychologically unstable drug dealers, and he only grows stronger as the series advances. Walter White’s long dormant pride and ego start to awaken as the series deepens. The more he taps into his alter ego, the more he shows his true colors. Therefore, throughout the show, it is evident that he is imploring his natural instincts. It comes so…
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