Television Shows A Influence On Children

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TV shows represent a great influence in children because they learn how to behave by imitating what they watch on TV. By watching TV, children get the idea of how gender roles are structured in society, and they think that is the proper way to classify men and women. Since a young age, children create their own perspective about gender roles and they grow up following the same example they learned when they were little. TV shows are a media that society uses to teach people the differences on gender roles and to keep the traditional point of view that society has been creating through the time; TV shows plays an important tool in the construction of gender. Women and men have always been portrayed in society in a different way; generally, men are considered to be better than women. Women are expected to have roles that are according to the common stereotypes that have been established in society; women’s proper place is at home to take care of the family. The Simpsons deals with common stereotypes about nuclear family and women roles which have always been present in American culture; the show represents and challenges the ideologies about gender roles and patriarchy because sometimes, the show is contradictory since it represents women as the typical housewife, and other times, women are represented as taking a new role because they begin to work outside of the house. Although The Simpsons portrays ideologies of the modern nuclear family and gender roles, it still…
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