Television Shows Impact The American View On The Political System

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The first of my proposed topics is studying how politically inspired television shows impact the American view on the political system. For this topic, I will examine the relationship of shows such as Scandal, Madame Secretary, The Good Wife, and The West Wing and the political opinions of viewers of these shows. Collectively, these shows garner millions of viewers each week. I myself tune in to these shows and often wonder what grasps people attention. I often find myself asking whether or not these shows have any impact on the ordinary American’s view of politics. One of the largest pros to doing this topic is my interest in it, but it also presents a situation in which I can somewhat easily do original research by studying this relationship at Gardner-Webb University. A con is definitely the potential lack of research by professional sources. This could be resolved by studying the psychological effects of media on personal actions. For this topic, I will be able to original research by doing a survey at Gardner-Webb, to see how many people watch these shows, and how that affects their views on politics.
The second of my proposed topics is the role of the media in shaping the electoral process, specifically the primary process. Of my topics, this is definitely the most kairotic, meaning that the timing of this issue is the most current of these topics. We are currently in a presidential primary season, and many people wonder how large of an effect the news media has on the
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