Television Shows Influence On Gender Roles

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Most of us are born with an assigned biological sex, however how we choose to perform our gender is up to us (Eckert and McConnell- Ginet). In the case of television shows, how characters perform their genders is up to the script writers. Media, specifically television shows, plays a sizable role in creating and enforcing gender norms because of its wide range of influence. Many popular television shows tend to exaggerate gender roles by making actors either overplay or underplay the gender that goes with their assigned sex. While the actions of the characters play a large role in these dramatizations, their phonology, syntax, and semantics also play a role. In conversation below, an excerpt from How I Met Your Mother, these linguistic elements describe to what extent the characters perform their respective genders. Lily: (screaming) Whoo!
Marshall: (quietly) Lily, volume. Use your indoor “whoo.”
Lily: Sorry. (softly) Whoo. It’s just they kissed! They’re finally a couple. (Gasping) Oh my god you guys, this is our first double date! First of millions! What if our kids get married? Oh, I love this!
Barney: Yeah… Lily, listen.
Robin: Barney’s awesome.
Barney: Robin is more than just awe “some.” She’s awe “quite-a-bit.” She’s awe “a whole darn lot.”
Lily: Wait, what are you saying?
Robin and Barney: (muttering)
Robin: We’re just not feeling it right now…but we’ll totally still be friends.
Barney: Oh yeah.
Lily: Is it something I did?
Robin: Oh no. No no no. God, no. Lily,…
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