Television, The Internet, And The Sides Of Public Transportation Buses

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What does television, the internet, and the sides of public transportation buses have in common? Each one of these medium employ advertising to catch the attention of consumers. Marketing is a vast field that encompasses various topics from business to psychology. Social media, as well, has had an enormous and relatively quick impact on the field of Marketing. Social Marketing deals with the specific subset of marketing that encompasses campaigns designed around social causes and changing consumers’ perceptions about social issues. Phillip Kotler, a Northwestern Professor of Marketing, and Gerald Zaltman, a Harvard Business Professor, originally coined the Social Marketing Theory in 1971. The Social Marketing Theory has evolved over time…show more content…
Dr. Kotler has authored fifty-seven books, many of which are used in marketing classes around the world. In order to create the Social Marketing Theory Dr. Kotler teamed up with Gerald Zaltman. Gerald Zaltman has an MBA from the University of Chicago and a PhD in Sociology from The John Hopkins University. Dr. Zaltman has written three books and countless journals articles and teaching materials (Harvard). According to Kotler & Zaltman (1971), Social marketing is defined as: the design, implementation and control of programmes calculated to influence the acceptability of social ideas and involving considerations of product planning, pricing, communication, distribution, and marketing research,’ and ‘explicit use of marketing skills to help translate present social action efforts into more effectively designed and communicated programs that elicit desired audience response’” (p. 5). Now that the background and history of the creators of The Social Marketing Theory have been addressed and Social Marketing has been defined it is important to evaluate Dr. Kotler and Dr. Zaltman’s research. Dr. Kotler and Dr. Zaltman’s original research must be examined in order to compare it to present day application in interactive media. They state that the main idea of marketing comes from the process of two or more parties exchanging things and using communication and distribution processes (Kotler, P., 1971, p. 2). Kotler and Zaltman emphasize how
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