Television : The Sitcom Genre

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Sitcoms have been one of the most popular and influential television genres for years on end. From some of the oldies like I Love Lucy to some of the more recent ones like New Girl , this genre succeeds in appealing to all people through eye catching drama, witty comedy, and lighthearted romance. Almost all viewers are guilty of singing their favorite theme songs or throwing out some popular catchphrases from some of their beloved characters on the show. The television show Friends, which aired in 1994, is still one of the most watched sitcoms in history. Even though the show ended in 2004, reruns still play on T.V and Netflix has even added the show to its database because of its undying popularity. Even a bit older than Friends, Full House aired its first episode in 1987 and its last in 1995. This shows popularity and influence prompted a continuation of the show, Fuller House, that is currently in production more than twenty years later. Both sitcoms of Friends and Full House demonstrate how the sitcom genre, along with the sub-genres associated with it has had and continues to have a tremendous influence on pop culture. One of the reasons why sitcoms influence pop culture is because viewers incorporate aspects of the show into their personal lives. Most Friends fans can admit to incorporating elements from the show into their lives through either quotes, mannerisms, or styles. In fact, Friends has influenced several parts of society as a whole. When the show originally
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