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Television and College Life

After a long day of classes, I just like to lie down on the couch and relax while watching my favorite television show. Like me, this is how many college students end the day. After conducting a series of surveys and interviews, I realized that, even though we all like to watch our favorite shows, we prefer different shows and watch them at different times in different ways. My overall goal was to determine if there was any difference in television viewing based upon gender. In addition, I hoped to learn: how much TV college students watch per day; if viewers look forward to watching a particular show; if college students use TV as an escape from the everyday pressures; and, if they “channel
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I attempted to utilize close-ended questions to achieve more consistency in the answers. However, I did include two open-ended questions. These were used to gain matching answers among the participants as well as within the survey. The next questions focused on their viewing habits: usual times of viewing, frequency of viewing, viewing habits, and preferences for particular shows. The final questions addressed whether or not the participants “channel surfed,” if they anticipated watching one particular show, and their moods associated with the show.

The first question in my survey asks: “What television shows do you watch the most?” I listed the following categories: drama, comedy, soap operas, reality TV (including news, sports, talk shows and game shows), and other (which permitted each participant to write in any favorite category not included in the other choices). Reviewing the listed responses, I was surprised to find that reality TV seemed to be the most popular category among college students. According to my survey, game shows, specifically dating shows, were the most popular among the female participants. Sports, specifically Sports Center, ranked as the most popular among the males surveyed. The second most popular category was comedy, with two members of each gender selecting this answer. The Simpsons was the response given by both male participants, while the

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