Television and Education

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UGC's use of Television for Education

For over two decades University Grants Commission (UGC) of India has been using television for higher education. In 1984 UGC launched “UGC Countrywide Classroom” on Doordarshan –the National Network of Television in India. Specially designed educational television programs, either imported or locally produced, were telecast for the benefit of undergraduate and post graduate students across the country. The need for using television for higher education was necessitated due to enormous growth in student population in higher education and increase in number of higher educational institutions in the country but there was not enough matching growth in terms of proper infrastructure and
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Popularly known as Virtual Classrooms, these terminals enable students, scholars and teachers across the country share their knowledge and experience. Each day lectures on selected topics, involving reputed experts, are delivered through EDUSAT. Each lectures is followed by a live interaction, through two way audio/video, among the participants across the country. UGC has successfully used the virtual classrooms for conduct of workshops, training programs and online courses. In addition to the VYAS and the Virtual Classrooms CEC has taken up many serious initiatives to engage academics, media professionals and multimedia experts in packaging of knowledge in various forms. These initiatives include: Development of e-Content, Multimedia, Training of teachers in e-content development, Development of Learning Object Repository (LOR), Conduct of On-Line Courses using VYAS, EDUSAT and Internet, Production of syllabus oriented ETV Programs for undergraduate students and developing International linkages for sharing of knowledge at global level. From Countrywide Classroom to Virtual Classroom and packaging of knowledge, UGC has come a long way, but the scheme is yet to achieve its potential and make its presence felt in an effective manner. Today when television penetration is very high, the technology is spreading across the rural areas, satellites and transponders are manufactured like cars,
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