Television and Its Imapact on Society Essay

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Television and Its Imapact on Society Introduction Vladimir Kosma Zworykin created a rudimentary versionof the television in 1924; however, the first realistically working television was made possible by Philo Taylor Farnsworth in the 1940s. These televisions were exceptionally expensive, consequently only the affluent members of society had access to them. It was only in 1960 beginning with the presidential election that the television became fashionable to the common public. From that moment on, television has had an immense impact on nearly every facet of our social order, from political affairs to child behavior. This paper will observe some of the more remarkable proceedings and issues television has, and is still,…show more content…
John F. Kennedy? Assassination When John F. Kennedy was shot while parading in Dallas, the news media were recording. After he was dead, they replayed the scene countless times for viewers in their homes. Then as that came to a close, they began to see Ruby murder Oswald, the state funeral, a tiny boy solemnly salute his father?s casket as it passed, and then finally the family light the Eternal Flame in Arlington National Cemetery. These things would forever have an affect on America. The media?s role in John F. Kennedy?s death transformed him, in the eyes of many, into a hero. Presidential Campaigns The surfacing of television media into presidential campaigns set unique guidelines for presidential candidates. In some cases, performing well in front of a camera is the leading factor for candidates to be selected. In addition to this, television participation destabilizes political parties, and influences both the political agenda of the contender and voter turn out. The mass media provides information about the qualification of candidates, and issues that will confront the nation after one of those candidates assumes office. The information offered focuses on a candidate?s personality, style, image, capacity, relation to the public, philosophy, and government organization. Thus, presidents are elected based on how they are portrayed by

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