Television and Media - Seinfeld, Much Ado About Nothing Essay

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Seinfeld – Much Ado About Nothing

We like to label things in our culture. Those over the age of 65 are called senior citizens. Those under the age of 18 are called children. Anyone falling in between those ages are considered adults and there are certain expectations placed on that demographic. Adults are the backbone of society, responsible for basically just about everything. Television reflects that responsibility, as adults are usually portrayed as hard-working, career-oriented, and often married and raising children. With television reinforcing these expectations, many young people have probably felt that they need to grow into these roles and become responsible adults. A decade ago, however, NBC’s sitcom Seinfeld debuted
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For the most part, they showed little interest in following the pack and doing what was expected of them. For Jerry and the gang, the idea of getting married and having children was almost preposterous. To engage in that level of responsibility would seriously hinder the sense of personal freedom these characters enjoyed. The fact that these characters were, for the most part, happy with their lives and situations is important. Their contentment shows viewers that there is life outside of marriage and career, and it doesn’t have to be empty. I think this is especially important for younger viewers, such as teens and college students. Young adults are inundated with societal expectations through their teachers and parents (as well as television and other media), and may feel they have to achieve certain things in order to be considered successful. When we look at the number of adults who suffer from depression due to work related stress, marriage problems, and divorce, it seems evident that many, many adults are unhappy with their lives. It does not therefore, seem outlandish to ponder that perhaps the reason so many people are unfulfilled is because they felt they had to live a certain life in order to meet the expectations of others. All issues of entertainment aside, Seinfeld was important because it offered impressionable viewers an alternative to a life that may not be suited for them at all.

The characters of

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