Essay on Television as a Cultural Forum

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Television can be considered a cultural forum. By cultural forum, this means issues and points of view can be discussed openly and almost without punishment. These issues can vary anywhere from male dominance in the household, to wars, to racism, to political jabs and still be covered under freedom of speech. Television can hold a wide variety of opinions which may offend, but for the most part due so to prove a point.
In the All in the Family episode we watched in class, it is no secret that Archie Bunker is racist. In fact, in the episode we viewed, there is a racial argument between Archie and the George Jefferson. Through this show, the writer’s can convey thoughts, theories, and opinions about the
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Men, being as stubborn as they are, continue the racial barrage and eventually stop talking.
In the episode of Father Knows Best, Betty seeks to pursue a traditionally male-dominated profession. Even though society looks down upon it, Betty still perseveres in her endeavors to pursue a job she likes. Due to the current times, society sets a certain standard and you are expected to follow along with it. Going against the grain is usually shunned or you are set apart from everyone else. I feel this is a great quality, and more people should be like this.
In these two episodes, discrimination is evident. In Father Knows Best Betty is discriminated against for attempting to pursue a profession that, in that time, was male-dominated. In 2005, men and women should be considered equals in the work force, and be entitled to the same opportunities. In that era, women were teachers, men were doctors, etc. There were standard jobs for each sex. This is fine to talk about because it is in the TV realm. Writers are allowed to poke fun at society’s unwritten standards. In All in the Family Archie discriminates again African Americans and George discriminates against Caucasians. Archie is brutally honest, even for our generation. His complete disregard for feelings almost makes him appear archaic, but when put under a microscope, we see the writers are challenging society, pushing the envelope even further. This freedom
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