Television as an Agent of Socialization

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Television as an Agent of Socialization I chose the first episode of the very popular television program The Event. I viewed the first episode on Netflix, October 20, 2011. This program originally aired on NBC, September 10, 2010, and is titled “I Haven’t Told You Everything”. This program has a total of twenty two series to date and is classified as an action-adventure drama. After viewing a picture of the main characters with the synopsis of this program, I noticed immediately that this was a male dominated show. The picture shows seven people standing together and merely two of the seven are female. The premise of the story is about a man searching for his missing fiancé. The story line was a prime example of the gender male…show more content…
They have their status titles which come along with expectations, but they are all conflicted with another issue that is still a mystery during this episode. This show represents men as the influential leaders in our society. The creators of this series opted to categorize all the professions with male dominated characters emphasizing the glass ceiling effect. Consequently, the undertone of this series reflected woman as the weaker less important of the two sexes. The women in this series for example were waitresses, flight attendants, and news broadcasters. Even when the producers had a woman portrayed in the same profession they gave the speaking role to the man. For example there is a man and a woman working at an information desk on a ship, the main character automatically goes to the man while the woman is shown in the background. Even the role of the staff of seven setting the tables for the president only consisted of one woman; in this scene it would have been plausible to have more than one woman, since this is categorized as a woman gender career. The Event did not disappoint with my hypothesis that this was a heavily male dominated program. The content of this show illustrates the social hierarchy and roles that men play in society. Subsequently, the major life events change the direction and course of the actors and force them into new roles, norms and values with their characters. I think that TV’s powers of
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