Television vs. Reality

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It is 8:30 Monday night and the whole family is in the living room watching the Fox network's primetime hit "Ally McBeal". Suddenly, just after the program resumes after a painstakingly long commercial break, you see a man and a woman lying in bed talking to each other after having a night of hot, passionate sex. You look down and see your ten year old son or daughter lying on the floor just staring at the TV, taking it all in. You begin channel surfing, and end up on channel 3, CBS. There is a brand new sitcom being aired called "Some of My Best Friends". Almost immediately after you and your family begin viewing this program, two men, both proclaiming to be gay, begin kissing and embracing each other. Upset by all of this…show more content…
This proves that in this show, most relationships are based on sexual attraction, instead of cognitive relationships. Then he asked his roommate to break up with the woman for him, since he had to leave. In reality, most people like to believe that sex is a sign of love and, although there are also many exceptions to this rule, many still try and live by it. Today there are also many fears about AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases being spread. The characters on "Friends" seem to be completely immune and ignorant of sexually transmitted diseases while having sex with many different partners. Finally, another aspect that is falsely portrayed in this show is homosexuality. It seems that almost everywhere the main characters go there are homosexuals that are either hanging around the main characters or are attracted to them. In reality, the homosexual population only makes up around 10-12% of the U.S. population, so it would be unlikely that the main characters would run into that many homosexuals in the small areas where they live. The next show that I have researched is the CBS sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond". Even though this show falls into the same category as "Friends", the shows are very different. One difference is that the main character in "Everybody Loves Raymond" is married. On "Friends", all of the main characters are single, and they have sexual relations more frequently. "Everybody Loves Raymond" does not present as much sex as most sitcoms
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