Television vs the Internet

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‘The internet is more fatal to the cohesion of the community than television was in its time.’
The widespread availability of the internet has produced a serge in communication in today’s society. The introduction of television to Australia in the 1950’s could be said to have had a proportionately similar effect. In today’s world the internet enables people to research, communicate and entertain across the globe at the touch of a computer key. However, the internet is sometimes seen, as a technology that contributes to the breakdown of the structure of community. In this essay I will discuss whether, the internet, in introducing a technology that enables the transfer of a seemingly unlimited quantity of uncensored information world-wide
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But the question remains, “Was the introduction of television as fatal as the introduction of the internet to the cohesion of the community?” (Shaughnessy, Stadler, 2006 pg. xiii.)
It could be argued that most young people today were born into homes where the television was a frequent if not constant background to daily living. For them, a choice of information and entertainment has always been available at the push of a button and the introduction of the internet could be seen as merely a further development in a rapidly changing world.
The internet makes possible the immediate exchange of information across the whole spectrum of factual knowledge and of individual opinion ideally between every inhabitant on the planet. (Goggin. 2003) But what guarantee do we have of the accuracy of the information when any person with or without expertise can create a website or write a blog? Shaughnessy argues that “blogs… challenges the standard journalistic outlets of press, radio, and TV.” (pg. 431) On the other hand, while we may find some television programs distasteful, there are regulatory standards in place and times are set when adult themes may be shown. Neither is there any clear distinction made on the internet between what information is factual and what is mere opinion.
Furthermore, the negative impact of the internet is demonstrated through the segregation of interests within communities of society, which essentially draws people towards singular or

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