Television´s Role in People´s Lives

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Role of TV For the past 5 or 6 decades now the role of the television has been highly pronounced. But the major role TV has taken upon itself is to inform the public about almost everything. There is hardly a channel or network that does not cover this issue or that one. Nothing escapes the media. But has it really been that efficient that it has been able to control and inform about these natural and human generated tragedies? Of late the opinion has been that TV goes too far in its detailed coverage of tragedies and catastrophes. The best example that can be sighted is that of September 11, the recent and last Gulf War, the crash of Concorde in France and so on. There is so much of noise in the air and the exposure is so excessive and heavy that one does not even realize the difference. It almost kills our sensibilities and our feeling of involvement and our sense of what it means to be human is limited to what we see or witness second hand or first hand while sitting in our lounges at our homes. Privacy and publicity has a very thin and fine line but in case of Television where does one begin and the other end? That is the answer that eludes us still. Was it not the media that cashed out and some believe even led to the death of Princess Diana. Same were the people to benefit out of deaths of various other celebrities and almost everyone had an opinion to render. Does any of this really concern anybody and do people have the right to expose and invade and intrude upon
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