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Problem Statement It seems that employers are afraid that they will not be able to effectively monitor employees output and have major security concerns when allowing employees to telework. The initial costs of setting up telework to employees may also be a concern for employers. Background of Problem Working in the ITS field, we have been asked to research the plausibility of allowing our 600+ employees the ability to telework. Currently half of our managers have the ability to work from home. With this ability we have security concerns, but we also have the expectation to be available to work no matter what the time of day is or how the weather is outside. When the credit union is closed for snow day’s managers with the ability to…show more content…
What are the employees’ benefits of being allowed to telework? What are the community benefits of employers implementing telework? What are the cost savings of telework? Is there a way to effectively monitor remote employees? Is there a way to implement security guidelines for remote employees? Is there any more of a challenge to monitor remote employees versus in-house employees? Are there software programs available to help secure remote work and to keep security concerns to a minimum? When is telework an acceptable alternative? Should all employees be offered telework? If no, how do employers decide who will be able to and who will not? Theoretical Framework of the Study When researching telework I will need to review the Organization – are the employees reliable and trustworthy, how can the employer intervene if problems arise, can the organization afford the upfront costs to support telework, is it practical to allow employees to work from home, and which employees should be allowed to work from home. Employee preferences is also important to look at. Are employees young or older and ready to retire? Is there a desire to work from home. Do the employees have a personal sense of social responsibility? Does the employer have to have employees in a traditional office for customer support? Assumptions Employers have the money to support the upfront costs of telework. There are no regulations against employees working from
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