Telework and Job Opportunities

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Telework and job opportunities Individuals who have decided to telework can do so within the comfort of their own homes, in satellite offices, or even in neighborhood work centers. Home-based telecommunicating has its advantages and challenges. Those working within the comfort of their homes do not have to travel to their work destinations. This makes them save time that is wasted in commuting. Considering the fact that one will have to fuel his car or board a public transport utility to reach his work destination, those working at home cut on travelling costs. They are also saved from the stress that comes with having to commute everyday to and from work. They also do not have to relocate as is the case with people who get transfers to work in different locations. Teleworkers also feel some sense of autonomy as they don't have to be micromanaged by their team leaders and line managers. Besides, they have got a very flexible schedule. The only thing that they worry about is beating the deadline. This category of people also have comfortable working environment devoid of distractions that are there in offices where a colleague's gossip may make you fail to submit your work in good time. Teleworkers are also not frightened by work-family balance because they are capable of budgeting well with their time. They know when to rest, when to pick their children from school, and when to help their children with the homework. Those working from their homes can also rarely
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