Tell Me, Forget Me Not By Hannah Neale

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Forget Me, Forget Me Not

By Hannah Neale


Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) is a form of Dementia. Dementia is a depletion of mental ability caused by brain cells dying. However, many factors have been linked to the development of AD, and there is not yet a cure and the main cause is unknown. Most people develop AD over the age of 65. Alois Alzheimer first found AD in Germany during 1901. Although not much attention was paid to the disease at the time, AD is becoming an increasing worry in our society due to the ageing population.


For this Assignment, my intention is to examine a range of current treatments used for AD and to compare their effectiveness in terms of improving the quality of life for the patient. This has a significant effect on pharmacologists in terms of determining the best treatments to help narrow down the most suitable drug for treating AD.


Neuroleptics are the typical antipsychotics used for treating AD and other disorders. Neuroleptics work by blocking dopamine receptors found in the mesolimbic stratal mesocortical systems of the brain. In a controlled study, 59% of patients on neuroleptics and 41% of those taking the placebo saw a decrease in mental distress. This suggests that there was a minor improvement in the patients quality of life, due to treatment with these drugs. (Juillerat Mahwah, A-C. et al, 2003)

However, the level of improvement of the patients AD varied in the study, which was not taken…

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