Tell Tale Heart and the Yellow Wall Paper

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There are similarities between the two stories “The Tell Tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe, and “The Yellow Wall Paper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. Even though their writing styles are far apart they deal with a similar issue. Both authors deal with the fragility of the human mind. Both stories are very interesting and hold you to the core perhaps it is because any truly sane person knows that there is a little madness in all of us. Maybe that is why many people still read their stories today. In the story “The Tell Tale Heart” the narrator wants to show the reader that he is not insane. As proof, he offers a story. In the story, the initial situation is the narrator’s decision to kill the old man so that the man’s “evil” eye will stop…show more content…
Forced to lie in bed all day and take it easy, the narrator becomes obsessed by the wallpaper and is drawn into trying to interpret it. She imagines a woman trapped within the paper. The narrator decides to strip off all of the wallpaper in her room, this is the moment of ultimate rebellion for the protagonist, and she is taking action towards independence. When John comes home to find the door locked, he begins freaking out. When he finally gets into the bedroom the narrator’s actions are so extraordinary and shocking that her husband faints. Through everything that is going on the narrator keeps creeping around the room in circles stripping all of the wallpaper off to free the woman that is trapped within. Throughout both stories there are many common threads. Both stories are dealing with apparent madness. In both we find it difficult to discern actual events from those that occur only in the imaginations of the narrators. Right through both stories the narrators are trying to convince the reader they are sane. “The Tell Tale Heart” and “The Yellow Wall Paper” both have a common theme of sublimation and repression. The sublimation is critical in each story, and could be argued to be the core of the story. In both stories the narrators are obsessed with something. In “Tell Tale Heart” the narrator is completely obsessed with the old man’s “evil” eye, and in “The Yellow Wall Paper” the narrator is
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