Tell the Women We'Re Going

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Tell the women we’re going Analysis of the Raymond Carver short story In my analysis of “Tell the women we’re going”, I have chosen to write a brief resume of the short story. Afterwards I will analyze the relationship between men and women and discuss how the story relates to the frontier theme, and how the wilderness is depicted. Furthermore I have used the Hollywood model to analyze the short story. I believe that the short story is very suitable to this type of analysis, because his style of writing is minimalistic and quite cinematic. The short story deals with a typical theme for Raymond Carver, who in almost all of his texts portraits the working- and middleclass in the United States for better and for worse. The theme…show more content…
His answer is ambiguous; either they pray that they could be there in his pub, or probably for sex. The men’s view on women is in particular expressed through Jerry’s mention of the two young girls. The first time he sees them he refers to them as “bitches”, later after he have spoken to them, and they don’t seem interested he says: “ ‘You see the look that cunt just gave me?” Lastly when the two girls really have made him angry, and he probably already has decided to kill them, he refers to them like this:” We’ll cut these cockteasers off”. I assume that the story takes place in the 1970’s and I believe that Bill and Jerry’s vision on women is outdated for that period, as the story takes places after the emancipation of women in the late 1960’s. The reason that the men still have this vision is probably that the story takes place far out in the northwest, where the emancipation of women most likely hasn’t had its breakthrough yet. That way you can say the relationship between men and women hasn’t change significantly since the 19th century’s “Wild West”. The men do still “go for ride” or as it is says in the story: “How about a little run” (in the car). By that sentence I think that Raymond Carver refers to cowboys in the Wild West. When Bill and Jerry, in the end of the story, hunt the two girls it can easily be compared with hunt of wild animals with
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