Telling a true war story

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Christian Peters 02/04/14 Telling a True War Story Assignment Vietnam was a place like no other. It was swarmed with presence of stories, some strange, some nefarious, and some just utterly incredible. But for those who think like me, Vietnam, even in its times of horror and imperfections, can really bring out the very true nature in someone. Like the way someone stands upon his feet after numerous bumps and blows, like the grit that one shows after driven against the wall — the true character of one person is dictated and influenced by his or her environment and how he or she chooses to deal…show more content…
I also noticed how people like Rat Kiley could kill innocent water buffalos and torture villagers. Yes, it is true that I kill animals too. But I do not kill innocent creatures out of sheer fun or stupidity, I do it to survive. And I sure as h*ll would never torture villagers who are only helping me by cleaning my gun. But listen. Even that story is made up. I don’t kill animals, nor live in the wilderness, nor do I associate myself with monkeys. I want you to feel what I felt as I was present in Alpha Company . Sometimes I felt like a monkey in a cage when I was in the presence of that company; putting on a show for them by looking beautiful. Sometimes I even felt as though living in the wilderness could alleviate my anger towards that company. I also made up that story to highlight the reality of war stories. Sometimes, in many war stories, it is difficult for the reader or listener to separate what happened from what seemed to happen. What appeared to happen could become its own story and therefore people begin to tell the story that way. A true war story doesn’t require a PHD to understand it. Here is what really happened to me after I left the group of soldiers. I came across this old, meek, and innocent-looking lady. Her name is Thi Dung. But I call her Ong Dung out of respect. I told her that the American soldiers who are here in Vietnam are good-for-nothing sly devils. I also told
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