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ACCT 3583 Syndicate Case Study Report Telstra Corporation Limited By BIG MAC Abilene Madeline Johan z3329202 Hui Melina Jarita z3357725 Lingbo Li z3346177 Li Chen z3326855 Xiaoyi Xu z3326452 Yinan Jia z3343736 Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat Analysis 4-6 Within the Economy 4 Within the Competitive Environment 5 Within the Business 6 Business…show more content…
Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat Analysis Within The Economy Segments Key Trends Implications Opportunity / Threat Political Carbon Tax Will not provide significant increase in cost for being least charged company (Bivell,2011) Minor Threat Economic Global Financial Crisis Loss to the business due to decrease in customer spending however nature of product is a necessity. Medium Threat Social Culture Importance of information and time management Requirement of fast and reliable network supported by Telstra’s superiority from upcoming National Broadband Network Project (DBCDE, 2012) Major Opportunity Technological 4G Network Telstra to be the first to offer the service working along with other networks and expected to future increase market share Major Opportunity Demographic Ageing Population, International Migration Presence of digital divide mitigated through increase in use (Australian Bureau Statistics, 2011) and Telstra Connected Seniors Programme (Annual Report 2012) Provide wider consumer base and need to maintain relation Major Opportunity Global Growth in Chinese and Indian Economy Both Countries’ increasing accountability in World’s Total GDP (Euromonitor, 2010) hence should direct expansion to those countries Major Opportunity Within the Competitive Environment Analysed under Porter’s
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