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To: Natasha Burns
From: Judith Ayala Rojas, Jason Campbell, Joshua Garcia
Re: Cost of Capital for Telus Corporation.
Date: February 13, 2014

Executive Summary
Barb Williams and Rick Thomas, while attending an executive education course at a well-known business school, came across a case which involved calculating the cost of capital for Telus Corporation (Telus). Basic data such as the Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Data on Telus’ Common Stock, Market Index, and the Average Annual Returns in North American Capital Markets were provided. In order to calculate Telus’ cost of capital we need to calculate the company’s Cost of Equity, Cost of Debt, and Tax Rate along with their weighted cost and then apply these to the Weighted
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Because we have not been notified of any substantial changes within the company’s financing agenda or asset acquisition goals, we find it safe to assume that Telus will continue to use the same financing weights in the near future. Another thing that we believe Telus should consider is avoiding the issuance of Preferred Stock in the future. Although this type of stock is less restricted, it can considerably affect the company’s overall cost of capital based on a higher after-tax cost and given that this type of stock is not tax
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