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How to Build a Good Relationship With Your Temp Staffing Agency
Relationship building at all levels is often the most important foundation to making a business successful. Businesses who rely on temp staffing agencies will experience greater results with their temporary personnel when they have established a good relationship with the agency. reports that 90% of Fortune Magazine companies use temp workers. Many businesses choose to have fewer full time employees in case of a downturn, or in the case of manufacturers, in case of a period of slow demand. Following are three tips on how to build a good relationship with your temp staffing agency.
Find the Right Temp Agency
It is a good business strategy to do your homework before
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Meet Temp Agency Staff in Person
To establish a good working relationship with a temp agency, meeting the staffing representative in person, is a must. A personal, working relationship will assist the temp agency in taking a hands-on approach to your specific business needs. Many temp agencies will send representatives to the workplace to gain more understanding of the work environment, layout of the office, job expectations, parking, and where temps will be taking breaks, and lunches. This personal visit will help the agency coordinate a temp worker’s personality and skills with the work environment.
Prepare Your Temp for Success
Temp workers need to explicitly understand who they should report to, what job duties are expected of them, and know the specifics of how to do them. This might involve providing instruction as to the phone system, email, work procedures, or computer software. Businesses should give the temp a time frame, when necessary, of the length of time expected for a job task to take. One person should take on the initial training of the temp, and after training, the person should check in often with the temp, and be accessible for
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