Temperament Is A Person'S Characteristic,Biologically Based

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Temperament is a person 's characteristic, biologically based way of approaching and reacting to people and situations (Thomas & Chess, 1977 p.146). Also, temperament may affect not only the way children approach and react to the outside world but also the way they regulate their mental, emotional and behavioral functioning (Rothbart, Ahadi & Edans, 2000) p.147). The most important approach to deal with temperament is to sit with a child, to understand his or her behavior, most children are self-awareness of exploring things on their own involving cognitive thinking children must understand that others might have options about the wrongness or rightness of their behavior different from their own before they can understand and feel these…show more content…
Yes, both of the resources agree to my decision how it supports likewise, giving time to the child to think and learn through playing and getting the role of being a caregiver also from the Birth to Adolescence to ELECT has some different perspectives on a emotional caregiving since, adds in more information on the different techniques it 's valuable to know how a child and caregiver do so much detailing as different ways getting their attention. It provides structure and direction for early childhood practitioners who support the development of capacities and skills while respecting a child 's interests and choices (Bennett, 2004). The goodness of fit can tell a lot about the child depending on their behavior and how they interact with people in the environment. Children also differ in their susceptibility to environmental influences. For example, infants with difficult temperaments may be more susceptible to the quality of parenting than infants with easy or slow to warm up temperaments and may need more emotional support and respect for their autonomy (Stright, Gallagher & Kelley,2008). Temperament is a word that reached to 15 years to what studies shows. It 's been discovered by children and families in home and
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