Temperature Of Solar Panels And The Power Output Achieved

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Extended Essay Temperature of Solar Panels and the Power Output Achieved To what effect does the temperature of a photovoltaic cell, due to the intensity of the sun, have on the power output of the cell? Word Count: EE Subject: Physics Candidate Name: Jugal Modi Candidate Number: 003072 - School: Queensland Academy for Science, Mathematics and Technology Exam Session: November 2015 Abstract Table of Contents Acknowledgements 2 Abstract 3 Table of Contents 4 List of Figures 5 List of Tables 5 Introduction 6 Main Body 10 Variables: 10 Apparatus: 10 Diagram: 10 Procedure: 10 Conclusion 12 Evaluation 13 References and Bibliography 14 Appendix 16 Introduction Solar panels are active solar devices that convert sunlight into direct current electricity (Alchemie Limited Inc., n.d.). Nowadays, these panels are bound to become more dominant in electricity production around the world due to their efficiency of approximately 30% (Tsokos, 2010, p. 438). In addition, increasing electricity bills are now the main reason to invest in a solar PV system, as it offers homeowners a real means of taking control of their energy bills per annum (Solar Choice, n.d.). According to the Australian Energy Regulator, the average household uses approximately 6617 kWh per year (Australian Government, n.d.), in which prices per kilowatt-hour range from approximately $0.279158 in the day and approximately $0.129173 at night (Origin, n.d.). From Table 1, it is

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