Template for Case Analysis Reports

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As I repeatedly indicated, your case analysis should be done according to the section II (p. 202, edition 9) included in the textbook and entitled “Analyzing Marketing Problems and Cases.” I also provide you with the template listed below likely to help you in preparing your cases’ reports.

|Section |Contents |
|Title Page |Title of case, date, team member names and student numbers. |
|Table of Contents |Major sections of paper, exhibits, appendices with titles |
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| |Be sure to conclude this section with a summary statement telling the reader if you see the company |
| |as stronger or weaker. |
| |Describe the company’s current target market and marketing mix (Four P’s). |
| |The audit is a statement of case facts requiring relatively little interpretation by the group. You |
| |may have to make some assumptions to complete gaps when information is not explicit. For instance, |
| |the exact pricing strategy may not be explicitly stated but the pricing strategy can be inferred |
| |from information presented in the case. This is the current marketing strategy. This is the logical |
|Marketing Audit |starting point since the primary purpose of your analysis is to produce a superior marketing |
| |strategy for the company. |
| |The correct number of alternatives might be often suggested by the case. For instance, should a |
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