Temple Raiders : The Illicit Trade Essay

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NS6501 Tomb Raiders: The Illicit Trade in Antiquities

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1 Illicit Antiquities 1000 Word Assignment 1-4
2 References 5-6 3 Appendixes 1. 1954 Hague Convention Cultural Property Definition 7 2. Laws & Legislations 8-10 3 International Organisations (with list of acronyms) 11-12

The illegal trade in antiquities or ‘cultural property, as defined in the 1954 Hague Convention as objects of artistic, historical or archaeological interest (appendix1), has become one of the largest and most lucrative criminal activities. Carried out on a transnational scale, it is believed to be the third most common form of trafficking after drugs and arms (ISPAC, 2008). Despite the enormity of this problem however, it is tackled with only a fraction of resources afforded to other criminal acts (Bazley, 2010). This is a worrying trend perhaps, given profits are often channelled into additional areas of organised crime, including narcotics and more recently facilitation of terrorist movements (Interpol, 2014). The aim of this assignment therefore is to explore this crime further, focussing primarily on stolen archaeological artefacts and identifying some key reasons for its proliferation. It will also look at international laws and legal instruments currently in place, recognising any failings or cross-jurisdictional challenges that may

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