Temple University Fox School of Businessstakeholder Analysis Essay

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Name: Gogbeh Workolo
Date: May 31, 2011
Course: BA 3102
Prof: Lynne Andersson

Title: Fox School of Business Stakeholder Analysis

The Fox School Stakeholders are Government entities (State & federal government; governing board; board of trustees, buffer organizations; sponsoring religious organizations) Administration (President senior administrators), Employees (Faculty; administrative staff; support staff), Clienteles (Students; parents/spouses; tuition reimbursement providers; service partner’s employers; field placement site), Suppliers (Secondary education providers; alumni; other colleges and universities; food purveyors; insurance companies; utilities; contracted services),
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The community interest in the Fox school job creation, involvement, environmental protection, safety and truthful communication. What attributes (legitimacy, urgency, power) do these stakeholders have in the Fox School of business? Employees, suppliers, and Unions have a legitimate claim on the Fox school because of their high levels of involvement they are economically dependent on the school, and as such, the power resides primarily with the school. Therefore, the school has a moral and legal responsibility to those stakeholders that also increases their priority. The relationship of employees is also critical to the effectiveness and efficiency of the institution. The Fox School knows the long-term Clienteles relationships are necessary for success because these stakeholders have power, legitimacy, and economic influence, any issue that imminently affects their relationship gives them high priority. Student and employees can be supportive or non-supportive depending on the action of the institution. The government has the power and legitimacy because they can regulate or reduced funding as a result they are a demanding stakeholder. The Administration (president and senior administrators) has the power and legitimacy because their decisions have an overwhelming influence on the institution.
What economic, legal, ethical and philanthropic responsibilities does the Fox School have to these various

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