`` Temporarily Yours : Desire, Demand, And The Commerce Of Sex ' By Elizabeth Bernstein

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I read chapter 46, “Temporarily Yours: Desire, Demand, and the Commerce of Sex” by Elizabeth Bernstein. This chapter dealt with the issue of prostitution and how it is perceived in modern society and how it affects the economy. The chapter drew on field observations and interviews with male clients of commercial sex workers. As well as how State agents deal with enforcing state laws on commercial sexual exchanges. In the chapter Bernstein, tells her reader that prostitution is illegal in all states with the exception of Nevada. Bernstein goes on to explain that this does not stop clients from seeking out paid sexual exchanges, even thought they know the risk of possible arrests or being infected with a sexually transmitted infection. While I was reading the article, the first time through, my initial question was what draws a client to seeking out a paid sexual experience. Bernstein answers that question with the interviews included in the chapter, which were conducted with several male clients. The first reason is that the clients do not want to have the pressures or the commitment that comes from being in a relationship. Second, is that sex is seen as an exchangeable commodity in the capitalist economy of America. The third reason is that paying for sex is a form having fun because there are "no strings attached". This goes along with not wanting a committed relationship. This doesn’t mean that married men do not seek out sex from prostitution. Bernstein talks about

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