Temporary Fix Or Permanent Solution

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“Temporary Fix or Permanent Solution” The problem that is ever increasing in danger and complexity is Internet being dangerous. The Internet problem is something that is caused by many things like Malware, Spoofing, Viruses and ransomware. Some of the effects of the problem are loss of finances and personal information. Another few are people losing their identity to others and damage to people 's property. With the amount of danger the causes make the solution to the problem should be clear and easy to think and make. Yet sadly the problem with making the solution is people have come up with only small patches that minimize the damage and lower the chances of being the victim of it but none have solved the problem in it’s entirety. Many of the partial solutions either protect from the problem by fighting it or by avoiding it altogether. An example of avoiding the danger is by having programs that have a list of known malicious programs and doesn 't let any of those onto the device. A true solution to this problem would need to either make the problem disappear altogether or to make the problem not be able to affect people and their devices. Internet safety has been getting more and more difficult to keep even at the level it is now. This problem is spreading not just to small businesses but also to major companies as well with this news coming out “Mainstream websites, including those published by The New York Times, the BBC, MSN, and AOL, are falling victim to a new rash

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