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a. Dingo-a wild dog in Australia b. Bandicoot-a small animal in Australia that looks like a cross between a rat and a rabbit c. Goanna- a term used to denote a type of lizard in Australia d. going bush-embarking on adventures in Australia's outback e. bush [as terrain] outside of town terrain f. dreamtime-the belief by Aboriginals of how the world was created g. walkabout-an indefinite walk outside in wild terrain performed by Aborigines h. frame tale as a literary term- stories inside a primary story that are secondary i. Uluru- a rock formation made out of sandstone in Australia

Anthropomorphism-the attributing of human characteristics to a god ii. site gag a funny effect related to the appearance of something, rather than from something spoken iii. sentimentality expressions of delicate emotion iv. personification- the attributing of human characteristics to an inanimate object There is a patent similarity to the moral of all three of the stories in Ten Canoes. All of them appear to extoll the values of patience, and emphasize the fact that all things will happen in due time for those who wait. One of the stories, in which Minygululu tells his younger brother a tale in which there was another chief, existing several years beforehand, who had a younger brother who desired one of his wives, ends with that younger brother getting all three of those wives and wishing he had not. The moral, then is clearly that he should not have been impatient and

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