Ten Commandments Must Go The Oklahoma State Capitol Building

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Madi Stewart
American Government
31 July 2015
Ten Commandments Must Go The Oklahoma State Capitol building has had many political events shake the foundation of the Oklahoman way of life, but few have challenged the fundamental ideas that America was founded on. The Ten Commandments have represented more than just Christianity, but have outlined the moral standards of a fresh, new country. The second President of the United States of America, John Adams, proclaimed “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other (The Commandments).” Now these ideas that helped build one of the most influential nations are coming under attack. One of the main problems is the Americans that want to do something do not know how. They do not understand how the Government and its branches work together for the people. To understand and combat these issues, Americans need to know how cases get to the courts and to Congress, and how to get their say into these matters. In 2009, Oklahoma Representative Mike Ritze authored legislation to build the Ten Commandments Monument on Oklahoma State Capitol grounds. It won bipartisan support; 83-2 in the House of Representatives and 38-8 in the Senate(Ten Commandments). The monument was funded from private donations by the Ritze family who hired a private contractor to install it in 2012. The family also agreed to maintain the monument and to pay any additional costs. The…
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