Essay on Ten Commandments

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The Ten Commandments
ENG225: Introduction to Film
Instructor, Anna Morrison
December 12, 2011

The Ten Commandments
The movie the author would like to critique is probably one of the greatest movies of all time. The movie is The Ten Commandments, starring Charlton Heston, Yul Brenner, and Cecil B. DeMille. If the author were a real critic like Gene Siskel, and Roger Ebert, she would give this movie two thumbs up. The author will probably be giving her, interpretation of this movie all the way through this paper because she feels that in order to understand what’s being critiqued you have to understand the movie. Of course this is a movie that the author has seen a number of times, and every time she views it she finds something that
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For some reason back in the fifties the bible was a good source for movies, and you have to understand one of the reasons will be found in the strength of genre movies. “For the director, there were certain advantages with working within a given genre. Because the characters, the plot, and the conventions were already established, they provided the director with a kind of cinematic shorthand greatly simplified the task of storytelling.” (Boggs, M., Petrie, D., 2008 7th Ed.) The original movie was shot in 1923 as a silent film which was also directed by Cecil Demille. The cast of the 1956 remake of the Ten Commandments were cast from the original silent film. The production of this film was good for that time period. The production crew had it easy when it came to the cast, due to most of the cast came from the original film from 1923. The props, scene, and setting that the production crew used were great, for an example in the film Ten Commandments, the scene with Moses bringing down the ten commandments from the mountain top after talking with God. When you look at that scene the production crew does a good job with the dark clouds and the fire like orange colors in the setting of the clouds. The mountain that was in the back ground of Moses really stood out in that scene, when Moses gave the ten commandment to the children of Israel, he stood on the mountain and with his red over garment blowing in the wind
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