Ten Little Ladybugs Summary

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Sensory bins are normally storage containers with a filler, shovel and sometimes has a theme. These bins are used to help children understand their senses, improve language development, playing with others and independently, and helps with life skills. I created a bin for the York Area Down Syndrome Association (YASDA) event at York College of Pennsylvania. The goal in my sensory bin was to have many different textures and colors in the bin, that would attract students and also help improve their fine motor skills, understand their senses, language, and life skills. While first brainstorming about the sensory bin, I found myself unsure what book I would use. I eventually decided to use the book, “Ten Little Ladybugs,” by Melanie Gerth. I chose this book because I felt there would be a lot of ways I could incorporate the book into the sensory bin. I also liked the book because I thought the students would like the ladybugs that stuck out from the pages and actually…show more content…
I was not able to see if students enjoyed by bin, but I did notice one student playing in it. A peer informed me that the students did seem to enjoy it, especially the birds. This peer also told me she really liked my bin and it was a good idea. This person’s bin was also amazing, so it meant a lot coming from her. I did not hear any negative feedback. So, overall I feel the bin was well liked, but I am sure there are ways I can improve. In conclusion, the sensory bin I used was based off of the book, “Ten Little Ladybugs.” I chose this book because I had a lot of ideas for the bin and thought the students would enjoy the sensory element in the actual book. The bin mimicked the outdoors; this was by layering brown paper (dirt), green ribbon (grass) and the animals and insects on top. I incorporated many different textures in the bin, some that were similar to nature and some that were not similar to nature. Overall, I believe the students enjoyed the sensory

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