Ten Reasons You Should Retire In Pittsburgh

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10 Reasons you Should Retire in Pittsburgh Are you getting to the stage in life where you are starting to seriously consider retirement? We’ve all heard about some of the more standard retirement centers, like Phoenix, Fort Lauderdale, Honolulu, San Diego, and Albuquerque. But have you ever thought about … Pittsburgh? Yes, really! Here are ten reasons to seriously consider the City of Bridges. 10. Affordability In 2014, CBS News listed their top ten picks for the most affordable places to retire in the United States. Pittsburgh came out at #10. Why? Per the United States Census Bureau, Pittsburgh has a cost of living at about 8.5 percent below the national average. A home costs, on average, around $119,600 according to Zillow, which…show more content…
6. Art and science Check out the Andy Warhol Museum or one of the other three Carnegie museums. The three other Carnegie museums are the Museum of Art, the Museum of Natural History, and the Carnegie Science Center. The Warhol contains more than just this enigmatic 20th century icon’s masterpieces. There are also exhibits devoting to making short films, plus lectures and a section devoted to Warhol’s life within the LGBTQ community. The Museum of Art offers programs for visitors of all ages, plus photography exhibits and in-depth looks at local art. The Museum of Natural History has permanent exhibits on gems, dinosaurs, and ecology, among others. The Science Center has a large cinema, a planetarium, and they put on live shows. Or check out the contemporary art at the Mattress Factory, where there are more than thirty artists in residence, many of whom have permanent exhibits in the space. 5. Walkability and safety Pittsburgh’s NPR radio station, WESA, reported in 2014 that the city is considered the ninth most walkable in the nation. US News and World Report in 2014 notes the crime rate was lower than the average for the country. 4. Top-notch medical care It is an unfortunate fact of aging that making sure you have access to good medical care is an absolute necessity. Visit Pittsburgh outlines not only the hospitals affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh, but also the West Penn Allegheny Health System, a

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