Ten Year Old Girl in Ancient Rome

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Dear Diary, My name is Faustina and I am ten years old today. I received this diary as a birthday present from my paedagogus. Technically he not actually mine but my little brother Scipios. However Clement my brother paedagogus spends just as much time with me as he does with Scipios. Clement is terribly educated and speaks Greek so well. I’m jealous. My mom however tells me that this is because Clement was actually born in Greece and was brought to the great city of Rome. However in her next breath she is also telling me that I shouldn’t be concerned with learning greek or latin. I have three older brothers and one younger brother .They have to do all the learning; I should be focused on preparing for my husband. After all I’m…show more content…
It was rather itchy and I found it sometime turned my finger green which isn’t too attractive. Plus I kept losing it and my mom got mad at me every time I made the slaves helped me find my ring. Apparently im distracting them from their duties, but they never seem to do much anyway so it seems fine. When I get married I would have a manus marriage. According to Clement manus means hand in Latin and this is because a women is regarded as a piece of property that passed from the hand of the father to the hand of the husband. In this marriage I would have no say in anything and all the property I would have would be under the control of my husband. This is why I am hoping my father picks out my husband correctly. My husband now just like my father will have the power of life and death over me. Which seems rather unfair. Being 10 I’ve already learned all the rituals that are involved in the marriage ceremony and they seem very boring. First I have dedicate all my childhood toys to the household gods symbolizing I’m making the transition from a child to a women. I have several issues with this. First off I’m getting married in probably 2 years and I don’t want to lose my toys. I still enjoy playing with them. Second off what if I want to give my kids my toys to play with. Never mind the fact that I still have younger siblings that cant play with my toys. It seems like such a waste. Another awful tradition is my
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