Tenant Landlord And Landlord Tenant

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When entering into a landlord-tenant relationship many people hope for the most reasonable easy going tenant or landlord possible. As we all know that is easier said than done when choosing a tenant a landlord must search to find a person they believe will in fact pay them rent, respect the property that is being rented to them, as well as agree to all terms and conditions stated in the lease. A tenant must be sure that he is renting from a reasonable, accountable landlord that will respect his privacy, as well as fix any problems that may occur with the unit while the tenant inhabits it. In this situation both parties have failed to uphold their duties to one another now it is time to determine who is liable for what and how they can…show more content…
There were no complications with Larry’s compliance to these simple rules. In the beginning both parties were very pleased with one another, both looking forward to a positive landlord tenant relationship. The main duty that applies to this mediation is the duty to maintain premises, which means that even after Roger moves in Larry must do his part to upkeep the apartment and continue to maintain a habitable condition for Roger to live in (Beatty & Samuelson, 2007). The required legal standards of how the apartment must be kept are usually stated in the lease. Even if the standards the landlord must meet are not present in the lease the implied warranty of habitability still applies which states that the landlord must meet all standards set by the local building code so that the area is sufficient for a human to inhabit it (Beatty & Samuelson, 2007). Roger Renter has responsibilities that he also must uphold, as a tenant the first most vital is the duty to pay rent. Larry is very pleased that he has had no issues collecting Rogers rent money each month. Roger seems like a very reasonable model tenant there have been no issues between the two until this leak in the roof started Roger did the right thing by bringing it to Larry’s attention so that he can fix the problem before it gets too out of hand. After all that is one part of Larry’s job as a landlord and legally speaking he must make any and all repairs that are necessary to the property. Another
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