Tender Mercies

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“Tender Mercies,” written by Horton Foote, is a screenplay, which presents to the reader ordinary people, who are trying to live decently in an unpredictable and violent world. The reader comes to be aware of many dramatic scenes where the central characters have come to experience many complex but yet fascinating situations in their lives. Reading this screenplay the reader will come to acknowledge one of the centralized themes in “Tender Mercies,” which is the theme of redemption. For those who are unaware of the word, redemption as it applies to the screenplay “Tender Mercies” is the literary word meaning to be saved or saving someone from an experience or a situation. The reader can observe this…show more content…
Furthermore, Sunny had gotten a father figure for himself. The reader also sees Sunny’s approval of Mac, when Sunny fights with the other kids at school when they taunted him about Mac. When Sunny fought for Mac the reader comes to comprehend that Mac is a good person. Having a father figure, Sunny was now able to do many things, such as playing ball with someone he was able to refer to as “dad” and with someone who loved him so dearly. Being acquainted to such a situation and how both Rosa Lee and Sunny benefited on Mac’s arrival to the gas station, the reader has come to view another act of redemption. The reader can see another act of redemption when Mac and his daughter try to redeem their lost relationship. Even though, Mac’s daughter wanted to redeem her relationship with her father, it’s important to make note that it was mainly for the wrong reasons. One reason why it was important for Mac’s daughter to redeem their relationship was because she wanted to get approval for her seeing a man that her mother disapproved of. Another reason was so that she can get money from her father after she runs off with her new boyfriend because she knew that she would be unable to get money from her mother. Unfortunately, Mac was unable to get very close to his daughter as he had in mind because his daughter had been found dead. Although, this kind of redemption was for the wrong reasons and that it lasted for
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